Short Sale Investing – Five Reasons it Makes Sense Now

1) Recession Proof – with all the negative news lately about the millions of layoffs, the pending collapse of the big 3, and the worst economy since the Great Depression, etc. wouldn’t it be nice to hear some good news? Well, the good news is that there are thousands of Investors and Realtors in our current market that are making a very good living with short sale investing. And the better news is that anyone who becomes educated on this strategy can achieve the same success.

2) No Cash or Credit Required – The reason why everyone can participate in short sale investing is because it doesn’t require any cash, and credit doesn’t matter. Anyone can flip a short sale property and make a very healthy profit. Even if you have $2 in your bank account and a 300 credit score with a bankruptcy, a repo, and an upcoming auction on your house, you can make just as much with this strategy as the Investor that has $100k in his bank account and an 820 credit score.

3) No Marketing Required – One thing we can all attest to is that we know someone who is going through foreclosure right now. All you have to do is walk out your door and talk to ten people and at least one of them will be behind on his/her mortgage. Talk to any Realtor in your town about purchasing short sale properties, as pre-foreclosures account for a very high percentage of the active listings these days. There are numerous methods you can use to find short sales that don’t require any outlay of marketing funds.

4) Everyone in the Transaction Wins – When an Investor successfully closes a short sale transaction every party to the deal benefits the vast majority of the time. The Investor makes a profit, the Realtors involved receive a commission, the lenders avoid going through the costly foreclosure process, and the homeowner avoids having a foreclosures on his/her record. Think of how we could stem the foreclosure crisis if there were everyday people flipping short sales across the country! It may not solve the crisis, but it would certainly help.

5) Proven System – Having the right system in place is critical to short sale investing success. After having purchased and read several short sale courses, attended numerous workshops, and consulted with many of the so-called investment gurus, there’s only one system that we implement today. It was designed by one of the most prominent Real Estate Brokers in Florida who also happens to be an Attorney. It is hands-down the most well-designed, up-to-date, and thorough step-by-step system we’ve had the pleasure of using. In short, you must have a blueprint to follow if you’re truly going to be successful in this business.