Double Your ROI in Your IRA (Individual Retirement Account)

I was sitting at a table in my favorite restaurant, having lunch with Sue, a friend of my daughters. Sue knew vaguely what I did for a living, ie that I advocate socially conscious real estate investing, through the use of retirement vehicles such as 401Ks, self directed IRA and other retirement assets. But apart from the fact that she saw me sitting at the computer typing every time she came around, she really didn’t know very much about what I did at all. I decided to try and educate her.

When somebody decides to join City Capitols real estate program, the first step is to convert their IRA into a self directed IRA. The next step is to establish a LLC. All this is quite simple really, and City Capitol assists through out the entire process. The LLC then hires City Capitol to do all the work. Homes and properties are bought, restored and remodeled, and then sold again for profits which flow into the clients IRA. There is nothing the client needs to do at this point except to watch the profits come in, get invested and reinvested into their self directed IRA. The client has complete control at all times. At any time the client can stop any activity, as he or she has complete control of their LLC. That is a pretty simplified version of what happens.

City Capitol does not guarantee how much money you will make. But they do guarantee that you will earn at least double whatever your last 12 months ROI in traditional investment vehicles such as stocks and bonds, mutual funds etc. If you don’t experience double returns from the community investments we are involved in, we will pay it ourselves. There that’s straight from the corporation.

You will have noticed that I tend to point most of my articles at the retirement sector, that is because 401Ks and IRAs traditionally have money just sitting in their respective accounts making profits for the banks and brokerage houses. However there are some people out there who have cash to invest today, and they don’t mind paying taxes now. They don’t want to sock money away for their retirement, they want to make money they can use now. These people can invest with City Capitol now, they just have to pay the appropriate taxes.

I don’t know whether I educated Sue or not, but I tried, and I enjoyed it. And we had a nice lunch. As ever, please check out this investment information, you will be very happy you did. Also if you have a minute or two to spare, please feel free to check out my website.