How to Complete WoW Cataclysm Daily Quests Fast

How fast do you think it is possible to complete every single daily quest in your World of Warcraft Quest log? Three hours? two hours? Well, it varies a lot from person to person but it’s possible to get them all done with less than 1 hour played. I personally recommend a daily quest guide for the fastest way of doing this, if you can’t afford one then just keep on reading.

All of your character can complete a maximum of 25 daily quests each day, remember that these quests are character bound and not account bound, so if you got two level 85s on a server, both of them can do 25 daily quests each. There are quite a lot of different places where you can get these quests and you should begin with setting your priorities. Think about what would be the best for your current character, if you are going to need these when you are further into the game. If you are at the max level (85) then you would want to do quests which gives you gold and reputation. If you are 85 then I would recommend that you do Tol Barad dailies

Plan Your Routes

The most important thing to do is having a strategy for all the dailies, a planned route to make it as fast as possible. You will not make good gold per hour if you don’t have a plan on how to do it all. You could lose minutes for every quest and that does add up to quite a lot if you are doing 25 dailies every day. As I said before, a World of Warcraft dailies guide would quite a nice investment, and most of those guides will include both leveling and gold making guides as well. Some offers professions but this is not the most important thing in the game.

A Complete Break Down of All The World of Warcraft Dailies

Some other helpful things about a guide is that they do a so called ┬┤break down┬┤ on all the quests and give you addons to show you exactly where to go and what to complete. But again, if you can’t afford that, take a map of the different zones and edit it in paint/photoshop, take the quests that are near each other and do those, then move to another area and do the ones there, it’s quite simple and can be broken down into 1 sentence. Do the quests that are nearest together first.