Where Can I Buy Coach House Insurance?

Online, everyday insurers don’t offer a bespoke Coach House policy typically, as the Insurance world has been rather slow on the uptake of these properties being built at such a rate. You cannot buy it online – unless you can find a specialist and you cannot buy it from mainstream providers such as Direct Line, Churchill’s, More Than etc..as its stands today – 30/08/2017. It’s a niche product and requires a specialist insurance Provider.

Why? Quite simply this is because of the Liability of any garages which fall to the property Freeholder to insure, which is leased out to leaseholder who lives nearby. There is complex Liability issues that most Insurers are not interested in and therefor will not offer insurance.

The Freeholder must insure the garages if they form part of the Title Deeds of the property – otherwise, in the event of a claim (fire for example) the property will not be able to be rebuilt as the garages which form the foundation and base of the building, won’t be covered on the policy. You cannot issue a coach house as a flat – because it is not one and you will be incorrectly insuring your property – again this would mean that any claims would be refused as you will not have insured your property honestly and in good faith.

Coach House Insurance is therefor a niche product and not so widely available – but it is there! You must Insure the property as a Coach House, and all the Garages mentioned on the title deeds of the property must be included on the Buildings Insurance Schedule.

When you initially buy your Coach House your solicitor should bring this to your attention to make sure that the property will be properly and adequately Insured, and covering your Legal liabilities to the leaseholder of any garages. You should be advised of your Legal Responsibilities to all leaseholder’s and the fact that you are required to insure their garage as part of your property. You won’t insure their contents of course – but you do need to insure the fabric of the whole building.

Providing you insure the whole building then any valid claims submitted will be honored, and your Legal Liabilities protected. Considering Coach House Insurance is not typically expensive – its worth doing properly. People expect premiums to be higher than ‘normal’ buildings insurance – but that is not the case.