When You Buy Laying Chickens the Best Way to House These Egg Producing Hens is Build a Chicken Coop

There are many things to take into consideration when you buy laying chickens, not least of all though is their accommodation. This can take you down two avenues, which is to either to buy a pre-packed mass produced hen house out of possibly the cheapest materials on the market or give your birds the best form of living quarters and that means you would want to build a chicken coop. Building a chicken house can be a lot easier than most people think and can save you a fortune.

When you look at buying a poultry house verses building one there really is only one clear winner.

To go out and buy a home for your chickens can have a few floors that could end up costing you again in the not too distant future.

For one thing the majority of off the shelf hen houses are delivered to you in a flat-pack form that means you are going to need the toolkit whatever your decision. Secondly the materials used generally tend to be second rate materials so that the manufacturers of the chicken coop and the selling merchant have a good profit margin.

They rarely end up looking like the one in the picture as all the trims and additions are added later to make it seem more appealing to buyers and are not included in the pack.

Hopefully your chickens are going to be around for quite some-time and by housing them in an inferior wood surround will only lead to leaks, which eventually means rot and that means continual repairs.

The only alternative and obvious one is for you to build a chicken coop yourself, which is no-where near as difficult or as hard as some people may think. To buy laying chickens will be not only practical from a food and nutrition source point of view, but great fun too. Chickens can be very friendly and deserve to be looked after in the right way so building them a sturdy practical home will pay you dividends down the road.