Transferring Your Film Movies to DVD Movies is a Snap!

Over the years, most families accumulate a large amount of videos of their children, so how can you transfer your old 8mm films to something more updated? Well, there are some websites that specialize in turning your old movies into quality DVDs, these are usually referred to as “one stop Film to DVD Production.” And they specialize in Transferring Home Movies on 8mm Film to Video, Super 8mm Film Conversions and 16mm Film to DVD. I tried this a few months ago because our garage had boxes and boxes full of movies from me when I was a child, so I decided to try it. I have to say not only was it incredibly easy, but it’s also convenient and it’s a great way to save space! Most people know that the film reels are quite bulky, and compared to DVDs they are even bulkier! Another great aspect is that my movies looked 20 times better than they originally did on film!

These businesses take the time to process, inspect, repair, clean and lubricate every foot of film by hand! You would be stunned by the quality of some of the older vintage 8mm/16mm or Super8mm films that we have restored. The quality is unbelievable, and really, isn’t that the most important thing? Most of these old film reels have a lot of blemishes, spotting, and a lot ดูหนังออนไลน์ of other cosmetic problems. However, if you put your old movies on new DVDs you won’t have any of these problems. Technology is constantly moving at the speed of light! Take advantage of this technology and use it in your favor! This is absolutely something you will be more than happy with! Here is an example price list of what you can expect:

8mm / Super8mm / 16mm Film
Transferred to DVD without editing or music – 10 cents per foot
Transferred directly to your Hard Drive – 10 Cents per foot

8mm / Super8mm / 16mm Film
Transferred to DVD Including
Complete Digital Restoration – 15 Cents per foot

VHS and 8mm Video Tapes
Transferred to DVD – only $9.95 per tape

If you look in the phone book you will find a lot of these types of businesses, but a lot of the time the same business you see offline are the same ones you would deal with online anyway. For me it’s all about quality and convenience, you already have the quality down pat, so utilize everything you can to make it easier and quicker to transfer your movies now!

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