The Workings of a PSD-PNG Converter

You might have tried to export a PSD generated file to a PNG file and found the transparent part to be quite unclear. Often, it comes up with a distorting color like grey in the background which in the whole can be said to make the whole thing unappealing. All this can be explained if you were to continue and state the kind of internet browser that you were using. Is it internet explorer or FireFox? Because more often that not the problem is not with the exporting per see but mostly the internet browser you are using. For instance, internet explorer is known not to support the PNG files. It’s known to distort the background with an ugly grey or brown coloration whenever efforts are made to open PNG files with it.

Alternatively, you can use the PSN PNG converter, the conversion of PSD generated file to PNG file is enabled by bypassing that handicap which should be easy and convenient to most of us. First it should be noted that the PSN PNG conversion is more easily done with an image converter plus, the process is usually very easy. First you should be in windows explorer, and then you need to select the PSD which should not be hard to find and then right click on it. From your drop down menu that pops-up, you need to select the convert to submenu and then click custom convert line. The list which you will get from that brief process will most definitely contain the images which you selected from windows explorer.

Any further addition of files which were not selected in the initial stages can be executed by pressing the “add image” button and then selecting those particular files in PSD format that you want the cocomelon png┬áto do for you. By selecting the PNG format you would have done exactly that.

Thereafter you can save the extra changes in PNG format by expanding the “save images in PNG format” group and finish the whole process by adjusting any other necessary settings and the ideal color tone.

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