Tandem Skydiving; Your First Parachute Jump – Part Three

A Four Part Series:

*1 Arrival & Sign-up

*2 Preparation

*3 The Plane

*4 Freefall & Landing

Part Three: The Skydiving Plane

When it is time to load the plane with skydivers, you will stay next to your instructor. Do not walk away from your instructor. The loading area has Tandemsprung moving aircraft. The plane’s propellers will be spinning and are difficult to see. The human body will loose any battle with a spinning airplane propeller.

After you get into the plane your instructor will have you put on a seat belt. After the plane is in the air your instructor will tell you when to take off your seat belt. You are now on your way to making your first skydive! As you are flying to altitude you may experience some pressure in your ears. If you do, take your thumb and index finger and squeeze gently on your nose, closing off the passages in your nose, and then blow out gently. This should relieve the pressure in your ears.

Oh by the way, the most Important Thing To Remember is “Have Fun”. You are going to make a tandem skydive – this is supposed to be fun!! You can have fun on the plane – laugh, geek the cameraperson, whatever, or just sit there quietly and wait for your instructor to tell you what to do next. Either is cool. Jump altitude is usually 10,000 feet to 13,500 feet. When it is time to jump, your instructor will hook up your harness and tell you what to do. Jump run is when the approaching the point where you will jump from the airplane. When you are on jump run someone will open the door, it will get loud and noisy to you.

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