House Construction Rules You Should Never Break

Even if you are constructing your own house you need to follow a set of rules. Failure to follow the rules you will be prosecuted. Some of these rules include:

House plan

Regardless of the size of your house you should have a house plan from a registered architect. The plan should show all the areas of the house including: toilet, septic tank, borehole, main gate and any other features.

Before you are given the permit to go ahead with the construction, the plan should agree with the construction codes in the area. For example, if the code requires that all houses be one storied, your house should be one story.


You need water to undertake house construction. Many countries and states have strict rules pertaining to the water that you are using on the construction site.

For example, many states won’t allow you to use groundwater for construction. The states won’t also allow you to sink a borehole for construction purposes. This means that you need to get the water from other areas.

Construction debris

Debris is common in construction sites. Most countries have strict rules on construction debris where they state that you cannot dump the debris on the road next to the construction site.

If the road isn’t busy, you can go ahead and dump the debris there, but you have to get rid of it within a week.

To avoid the debris from getting onto the road, you have to cover the building with a net screen that is not less than 8 feet in height from the ground level. You also need to fence the construction area. This is to ensure that the falling debris falls within a protected area.


If you have visited construction sites you may have noticed that there is usually a lot of noise. There are noise pollution rules that you should follow especially if you are constructing the house in a residential area.

For example, you shouldn’t undertake construction after 10 pm. When demolishing a building, you have to be careful and use the least disturbing demolition method.


These are some of the construction rules that you need to follow to avoid getting penalised. While the rules may seem simple, you can see yourself paying thousands of dollars as penalty fees.

Before you start constructing your house you should go through the rules in your area and ensure that you don’t break them.