The Addison dollhouse kit is one of the most spectacular dollhouses that you can find. This articles intention is to talk about some of its main features, discuss the historic value of this dollhouse, and give some furniture recommendations for the Addison dollhouse kit.

Addison Dollhouse Kit main features

When comparing dollhouse kits here are many different features that you will want to look at. First, you will want to compare dimensions to make sure that you are getting the proper size dollhouse for your needs. The Addison dollhouse’s dimensions are 40W x 26D x 32H inches. There are 12 rooms. Other features of the dollhouse include a gazebo porch with Victorian style windows and roof.

In comparison this would put it in the category of the larger of the dollhouse sizes. Yet, when looked at, it has the feel of a quaint country style houses. If you are looking for mansions you might want to consider either the Queen Ann dollhouse or the Foxhall Manor, as these are built more for the upscale doll.

As seen from the front, and with that country side look the Addison dollhouse kit has some unique benefits. It is a smaller design that packs a punch with creativity. Also the room dividers are such that you can select the size of those 12 rooms.

Historic nature of the Addison Dollhouse Kit

Some of the most common features in a Victorian home are a solid porch and/or gazebo in the front. This rounded look is often internalized into a round tower look, as seen in the Queen Ann dollhouse kit.

Another popular option is the wraparound porch, which was a common feature in the Victorian age. This is more of a country-style makeover from the colonial or Jefferson pillar look, which is found in the Foxhall Manor. Instead of great pillars in front of the house, a very nice roof pattern and shutters are often used to draw the eye and accent the house color.

Recommendations for Furnishing the Addison Dollhouse Kit

Due to the Victorian style of this dollhouse, it would be recommended to use furniture that is from that era. For example, speaking in the kitchen you would not see modern sinks, dishwashers, or refrigerators. Instead, you would see models of ice boxes and deep sinks.

Some other helpful tips in selecting furniture is to stick with classical wood material such as oak or mahogany. You will want to bring in a rich color to your interior. Most of the Victorian furniture styles had smooth curved lines throughout the pieces. One example is seen in a Victorian couch where the back of the couch is rounded instead of a straight line


With the help of detailed instructions, you will find that building a dollhouse of this caliber is exciting and fun to do. Not to mention how it will come to life in adding all of the types of furniture. The Addison Dollhouse Kit is perfect if you are looking for a quaint country Victorian style dollhouse that has plenty of rooms to furnish.